How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy During This COVID-19 Pandemic

Greetings to all Aylesbury would-be mothers. COVID-19 has got no vaccine till yet. So, what do we do till then? Well, we should maintain proper hygiene, practice social distancing and have a strong and healthy body. Dear pregnant mothers, pay special heed to your health as you have the responsibility of two lives. To ensure your baby’s well-being, you should get fetal health check scans from a good ultrasound baby scan clinic in Aylesbury

Now coming back to the topic of this blog. Here are some ways through which you can have a healthy pregnancy during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis. 

Eat highly nutritious food

Practice healthy eating while staying at home. Include enough protein, vitamins, minerals, and good fats in your diet. 

Drink plenty of water

Sip water every hour. It’s best to either install a water reminder app or invest in a smart bottle. But I believe during this crisis you should rather install a good hydration app in your smartphone. If you have morning sickness, drink ginger ale. 

Stay well-hygienic

Wash your hands properly and frequently. Do not pick your nose or touch your face, eyes, and mouth with dirty hands. Use a paper napkin for coughing and sneezing and throw it away in a closed trash can. Take a shower or bath daily and always wear clean clothes. 

Get complete rest 

You need proper rest during pregnancy. Due to home quarantine, you’ll get the time you always needed for getting enough rest. So, sleep well! 

Never stress 

Stress is your biggest enemy during COVID-19. Stressing over every small thing will have an adverse effect on your growing baby. Listen to good music, watch stand up comedy shows on YouTube, read good books, and meditate to keep stress at bay.  For a healthy pregnancy, you need to get vital fetal health check scans. You can book your next fetal health check scan from Ultrasound Baby Scanning Services Aylesbury.

3 thoughts on “How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy During This COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Being pregnant, it is necessary for them to maintain proper hygiene, practice social distancing, and stay fit and fine just like others do. Try to get a fetal health scan from Window To The Womb which is the best ultrasound baby scan clinic in Aylesbury.


  2. I think every pregnant woman should have a healthy pregnancy by following these things mentioned here then only unborn baby as well as mother will stay healthy.


  3. I love to know such useful ways in order to have a healthy pregnancy in this pandemic time. Never ever take such stress during this time. Try to stay positive.


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